About Us


 Hi, I’m Anny. The girl next door, who loves to share the joy of life with the aroma that sets the soul free. To put it in simpler words, as a therapeutic means I make Soy wax Candles, room sprays, and wax Melts. It all started with a vigorous brainstorming session about a gift idea for my best friend. I wanted to give her something personal and meaningful that can be cherished. And, what else can be a better fit than a handmade gift with loads of care and love? That’s how I got introduced to the therapeutic process of candle-making. It didn’t take long to get completely hooked to the art and explore more as I went along. Slowly I started making room spray, wax melts and turned into a small business that became a huge part of my world. The past year has been incredibly exhausting for all of us. Coping up with the melancholy around was in no way easy. With the world locked inside, as a mother of a little one and with no job, I found my peace in the process. As things were getting out of hand and people were realizing the importance of saving the planet when there is still some time left, I tried to do my part through my newfound passion. My candles are vegan and eco-friendly. To add the required sweetness to it, I started making dessert candles and unique minimalist candles for aesthetic lovers. What started as a gift idea, took to a larger epiphany. My small business became a means for me to encourage other women to understand that fire sets in their hearts and they have a lot to offer to the world than they give themselves credit for. Hand pouring small batches of candles with all the love and care that I can muster in the days of utmost distress, set my soul free. It gives me the purpose to fight the harder battles in life, and rise and shine. As the beauty lies in the aesthetics of each candle that I make, peace lies within the process of making it. Now it is my mission to share this joy, peace. It is to bring the serenity through the aromas I create and make space for the relaxing time that you deserve. My candles are my way to promote self-love, acceptance and to share the story of burning passion. As my candles, you to have the power within you, the fire within you. All you need is to ignite it with a little spark. Let the fragrance take away the stress and anxiousness of your day-to-day life and bring a sense of tranquility.